5 Must-Have Products for Dry Winter Skin

5 Must-Have Products for Dry Winter Skin

To understand why we need different products for our skin during the dry winter months than what we need during the hot summer months, we examine what happens to our skin during this frigid time of the year. According to dermalogica, a best-in-class skin care educational company:

The harsh weather can strip the skin’s natural protective barrier, creating gaps in the outer most layer, allowing water to escape (dehydration) and irritants to get in (sensitivity). The dry environment may be responsible for the itchy sensations, as the inflammatory response kicks in and releases histamines. It can exacerbate inflammatory skin diseases such as rosacea, eczema, ichthyosis, and psoriasis, which suffer an impaired barrier function.

Say goodbye to dry winter skin with these 5 FABULOUS PRODUCTS!




1) The Soap Opera Company Sugar Whips

Sometimes, your skin fancies something sweet. Those are the perfect moments to take a dollop of our Sugar Whip, work it into a creamy lather, and massage your entire body. Feel the pure cane sugar in our Sugar Whip cleanse while gently exfoliating your skin. Then, the amazing lather just keep coming, moisturizing you all over. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize: That’s a triple threat to dull, dry skin!

After you have finished polishing your body, rinse away the Sugar Whip. You’ll feel fabulously refreshed.  Your skin will be velvety smooth to the touch, infused with a sweetly clean fragrance.


 Body Butter

2) The Soap Opera Company Shea Body Butter

Our Body Butter is a handcrafted, original formula, and poured in small batches. It is rich  in healing shea butter, soothing coconut oil, rich golden jojoba oil, and a host of other naturally nourishing ingredients to make your skin feel softened and moisturized. Use this butter on your face, hands, feet, elbows, and any other parts that need extra soothing and softening.


 Salt Scrub

3) The Soap Opera Company Sea Salt Scrub

The Epsom salts exfoliate dry skin, relax stiff joints and muscles, and support detoxification. Our scrub also contains jojoba oil—which is in fact a wax similar to sebum that your skin readily absorbs. And while many moisturizers and creams contain lanolin, which make acne more severe, jojoba, with its non-greasy texture and anti-inflammatory properties, can help acne and even soothe sunburn.


 Foot Scrub

4) The Soap Opera Company Peppermint Foot Cream

If you’ve ever bought a cheap peppermint lotion that was greasy or goopy, or whose minty essence quickly faded, you’ll be glad to know that this cream is intense and deep, offering muscle tension relief that lasts. it is also excellent for soothing dry, cracking, sore, or burning skin on the feet.

We say “no thanks” to greasy oils, parabens, or additives—and “yes please” to this real peppermint cream enriched with natural moisturizers, including cocoa and shea butters, healing jojoba oil, and skin-restorative vitamin E.


 Lotion Sticks

5) The Soap Opera Company Lotion Stick

No water. No sticky or goopy mess. No spilling and no waste! And just one swipe is all you’ll need.

This is the most convenient lotion you will ever own. It fits in your purse or pocket and goes wherever you go. It will quickly become your go-to hand and cuticle cream, and a friend indeed to dry, cracked skin.

These unique lotion sticks are made with joint-soothing Emu Oil for its benefits that are much sought-after by customers with arthritic or joint pain.

These super soothers are great for travel. No problem with TSA restrictions. Feel free to carry it on the plane with you. Our Lotion Sticks make great gifts, too.

Amy Berridge

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