Coco Local! The Benefits of Tropical Coconut, Right Here at the Soap Opera Company

Coco Local! The Benefits of Tropical Coconut, Right Here at the Soap Opera Company

The Soap Opera Company is always on the lookout for new ways to enhance our community’s well-being and celebrate the joy of self-care.

So, we’re delighted to announce our new line of coconut oil products, including: 

  • Earth Luxe Nourishing Coconut Shampoo
  • Earth Luxe Nourishing Coconut Conditioner,
  • Earth Luxe Coconut Soap
  • Earth Luxe Coconut Exfoliating Body Scrub 
  • Earth Luxe Serenity Nourishing Body Butter

To bring you this new product line we have partnered with wellness and therapeutic body care group Earth Luxe.

Healthful Luxury for Skin, Hair, and Scalp

Pure oil pressed from the flesh of a coconut. It’s a luxurious, wonderfully softening product for the skin and hair. It will also rehydrate your scalp, keeping it healthy and flake-free.

Coconuts have been long known for these qualities in equatorial regions, but recently they have become a global phenomenon. We in the cooler latitudes have caught on!

Nature has every ingredient needed to nourish your body and support your wellness. We just need to know where to look.

The people at Earth Luxe have looked in the right places. Treat your skin and hair with coconut oil…and find out, first-hand.

Coconut oil can keep scalps from flaking and hairstyles from frizzing or breaking, and it moisturizes hair follicles better than mineral oil and oils found in drug store hair products.

You can use just a little. Its richness goes a long way.

Our Licensed Aesthetician Is Smitten With Our New Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s making her very long, thick hair so silky and shiny! That’s a great endorsement, and we’re telling our customers in the store about it daily. The feedback from early customers? Totally rave reviews for:

We think our online friends should know about these wonderful new additions to The Soap Opera Company.

Their main ingredient is 100% pure, virgin coconut oil from India, untouched by chemical processing. 

The coconut shampoo and conditioner are both excellent products to use on dry hair or to reduce frizz and split ends. And both are remarkably hydrating and softening.  

Just massage the shampoo into your wet hair and work it into a lather. Rinse well. Follow up with our new Earth Luxe Coconut Conditioner.

Benefit From the Restorative Power of Our New Coconut Soap

If you could, would you prefer to wash your hands and body with soap that soothes as well as cleans, and is known to be excellent for restoring health to damaged skin? So would we. Coconut oil can do it.

Earth Luxe Coconut Soap is well absorbed by the body’s largest organ, the skin. And the coconut oil base makes this a richly lathering, deep-cleansing soap. The fatty acids of cold-pressed coconut oil help to remove embedded impurities and wash away dead skin.

Coconut oil is light and non-greasy. Even better, it’s a natural store of essential amino acids and vitamin E.

Enjoy Spa Treatment at Home With a Gently Exfoliating Coconut Body Scrub

A body scrub’s granules work to exfoliate any accumulations of dead skin cells. Our new Earth Luxe Nourishing Coconut Exfoliating Body Scrub presents a natural, fresh scent, and contains cold-pressed coconut oil, accompanied by aloe, to hydrate and nourish your skin. Use it just after showering, when your skin is fresh and moist, for the best effects.

Scoop up some scrub with your fingers. Massage it into the skin very gently, using circular motions. Rinse your skin, then pat dry.

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal traits. So, try it as a foot treatment. It’s also the perfect balm for damaged nails and rough cuticles. The coconut oil and aloe combination is especially gentle on your skin, so you can use regularly to help your skin look and feel youthful.

People will ask you why you smell so good. We like that effect too!

Announcing Our Gorgeous New Body Butter

Our new Earth Luxe Serenity Nourishing Body Butter is for the body, not the face. Indulge your body with its smooth, sensuous blend of coconut, almond, and other natural oils, shea butter and fruit extracts. This is a delight to the senses and healthful for all skin types. Apply generously!

Feel Like We Take Care of You

The creators of Earth Luxe value authenticity, superior quality and simplicity. In their own words: “We have travelled around the world sourcing local ingredients that build the best products.”

The Soap Opera Company appreciates the work Earth Luxe has invested in researching and developing products that suit our busy lives today, and support us in looking and feeling our best.

Above all, Earth Luxe tells us, we want you to feel like we take care of you. The Soap Opera Company loves that mission.

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Photo source:

Josiah Weiss, via Unsplash.

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Jennifer Nelson

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