Father's Day at The Soap Opera Company: Luxury Gifts for a Phenomenal Dad

Father's Day at The Soap Opera Company: Luxury Gifts for a Phenomenal Dad

Father’s Day is coming up soon: June 16th!

The Soap Opera Company is ready, with something for every Dad, Granddad, Sib or Significant Other.

To our Facebook followers: Post a photo of Dad or your original poem about Dad on our Facebook page between now and Father’s Day, and you might win a gift pack for Dad!

Check out these awesome products for lips and beards and all over Dad from Jack Black.

There’s even a lip balm for Dad at work and play outside, with broad-spectrum, SPF25 sun protection that prevents windburn and protects against temperature extremes. It’s available in the original shea butter or the newer Cooling Mint Scent.

Get Dad a Gift That Really Keeps Giving — Every Day

We’re your go-to spot for real elegance for Dad, from scented candles to our elegant Mistral Men's Cologne in Bourbon Vanilla Scent, an irresistible fragrance from Grasse, France.

With Mistral soap of the same scent, Dad can enjoy subtle vanilla undertones with the smoked scent of a bourbon cask and the essence of a golden tobacco leaf. 

And then there’s Mistral’s exquisite soap gift box .

This elegant, richly lathering soap is made with vegetable-based glycerin, skin-softening grapeseed oil, accompanied by a detoxifying extract of grape leaf. There are no parabens or alcohol in this soothing bar. Refreshing plant ingredients smooth away impurities from the skin while replenishing moisture, making it perfect for daily use and excellent before or after shaving.

Mistral Black Amber soap is equally wonderful. “Awesome,” says our customer Michael S. “My wife loves the scent.”

Pure Luxury: Infuse Dad’s Shower With the Scent of Provence Forests

The Cedarwood Marine and Royal Cypress bars are woody and energetic. The special three-step milling process is integral to creating an expertly blended, enduring bar of soap that smells fantastic without fading.

Mistral is France’s signature, seasonal wind. A high-speed train is named after this natural force. The complete gift box of Mistral soaps will be a powerful gift for Dad.

Infused with the finest fragrances of Grasse, France. Tested on men, not animals!

Father’s Day: The Tradition

1914: President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother’s Day would be celebrated on the second Sunday in May throughout the United States. Could Father’s Day be far behind?  

1924: President Calvin Coolidge suggested that states observe a Father’s Day holiday.

1972: Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making Father’s Day a federal holiday at last.

Today: It’s an annual tradition, and it happens on the third Sunday of June.

Build Your Own Dad-Friendly Gift Box

Give Dad’s skin a tropical vacation. From Archipelago Botanicals, Botanico de Havana Body Lotion has soul-refreshing ingredients straight from the tropics:

  • Coffee, to reduce puffiness.
  • Sugar cane extract, a natural exfoliator that restores vibrance to red, blotchy skin.
  • Extracts of pineapple and orange oils, for a natural vitamin and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) treatment to smooth and rejuvenate dry, rough skin.
  • Jojoba esters, the secret to the way Archipelago body lotions go on without any greasy residue.
  • Aloe vera, with sunburn relief and skin-healing qualities.

For more dad-pampering joy, Botanico de Havana is available in a body wash!

So refreshing, with the essence of ylang ylang and tobacco flowers with a hint of bergamot.

Use Botanico de Havana body wash and lotion daily for vibrantly healthy skin.

Dad might want to put it away after using it, because this luxury unisex fragrance will appeal to everyone in the household!

Best Soaps in the House for Dad

Dad will be super impressed with a bar of Lightfoot Pine Soap, a dusky green and pine-infused country club soap to enjoy at home every day. This one’s frequently bought to put in a gift set with Botanico de Havana body wash and lotion.

And oh! Yes, we do have soap on a rope, with a scent inspired by the freshness of a salty sea breeze!

Dads also like the Shore Soap Company’s Tea Tree & Charcoal Face Bar with European spa salt for fresh, rejuvenated skin. The tea tree oil adds to this great bar’s natural antibacterial properties. Activated charcoal is a healing cleanser and a gentle exfoliator. So it opens pores and lets impurities escape, and really helps skin prone to blemishes.

And if acne is an issue for Dad, take a look and SallyeAnder Lavender Oat Swirl Block Soap. Its healing properties win rave reviews. Plus, it will look awesome in any gift box you put together for Dad this year.

The Soap Opera Company Is Your Go-to Gift Source

Nurturing those you love comes naturally when you shop with The Soap Opera Company. Visit our store or shop with us online, and make every day luxurious for that sweet guy in your life.

And don’t forget to post your photo of (or poetic tribute to) Dad on The Soap Opera Facebook page.  We’re so excited about rewarding a great Dad with a handpicked gift set this year!

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