Holiday Gifts: FOR KIDS!

Holiday Gifts: FOR KIDS!

The Soap Opera Company's private line of luxury bath products include kid-friendly items that they will love for the holidays!  Whether it's a stocking stuffer or a big giftbox of goodies, from handmade bath bombs to bubble bath products, it's never soon enough to start experiencing wonderful products and scents that can be part of their cleanliness routine!

 Natural Ingredient

Kids are exposed to many different harsh chemicals, especially in generic soaps, cleaners, and even hand sanitizers. For this reason, it is extremely important to maintain skin care with products that have natural ingredients for kids safety.


Bath Bomb


Bath bombs are today’s super popular bath gift. With so many fun colors and scents, every kid will have fun watching their bath bomb fizzle, bubble and dissolve! With a focus on natural ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, essential oils, organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, fragrance, and FD&C colorant, the kids won't even realize that their fun bath bomb is helping their skin maintain it's moisture and protective barrier.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Buy 5, Get the 6th Free!

Bubble Bath


It's no secret that the allure of bath time for many (if not all) kids is bubble bath!  Give the gift of an adorable honey bear bubble bath that is hypo-allergenic, never tested on animals, and made with the highest quality ingredients. They will not know the difference but it brings peace of mind to know that the water they're bathing in is chemical-free! This product is the perfect gentle, safe, and effective gift to give.  And what a better way to add to the bubble bath fun than with some kid-friendly scents: 

Monkey Farts (*Bananas Scent*) and Bubble Gum


 Kid Soap


What a great way to get kids to soap up than when they see a toy inside of their soap! We have ballerina and dinosaur soaps available for the a wonderful holiday stocking stuffer! 

Ballerinas and Dinosaur soaps are as much fun to clean with as they are to play with when the soap is finished. The embedded ballerina and dinosaurs are fully bendable toys. And, most importantly, the soaps are glycerin and hypoallergenic. 


We offer many other kid-friendly holiday items that they will enjoy from BATH CRAYONS and TOY BOATS to HOODED TOWELS and even PET FISH SOAP!


And No Kids Bath Would Be Complete Without our Signature
Big Rubber Duck!

Rubber Duck


Amy Berridge


Amy Berridge

So many great options!

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