Soothing Salts Your Body Will Love

Soothing Salts Your Body Will Love

Scoop up some of our bath salts with ease—now online! The Soap Opera Company Bath Salts contain Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt by design. Research shows us how the minerals in Epsom salts and Dead Sea salts can support overall well-being in several important ways.

Bath Salts and Bedtime

A sound sleep is each new day’s precious foundation. And putting some soothing Epsom salt in your (or your children’s) evening bath can relax your body thoroughly, and serve as the perfect prelude to a restful night.

The magnesium in Epsom salt supports a sound sleep by helping your brain produce serotonin, a chemical that calms you. Dead Sea salts are also rich in magnesium.

The stress of the day depletes our bodies of magnesium. Replenishing this mineral soothes our nerves, supports normal heart rhythm, and can ease the pain of migraines, naturally. 


Soak It In

Most of us don’t meet our recommended daily allowance of magnesium. Yet we could, with pleasure.

As we absorb magnesium through our skin, a relaxing soak in the tub can support our mental and physical well-being with vital minerals.

Nourish Your Bones

Magnesium is essential in making vitamin D readily available to your body. In fact, it activates vitamin D’s famous calcium absorption properties.

Magnesium stimulates a hormone called calcitonin, which supports bone structure by drawing calcium into the bones. This helps prevent bone loss.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

The waters of the Dead Sea contain a variety of health-promoting minerals. In addition to magnesium, Dead Sea salts contain potassium, zinc, calcium, iodide, and a host of other minerals. The blend works together beautifully. A bath with concentrated Dead Sea salts help to detoxify your blood and stimulate  circulation.

People who live with rheumatoid arthritis may feel significant relief after bathing with Dead Sea salts. To increase your flexibility and mobility, while easing the swelling and discomfort of arthritis, research shows beneficial effects after two weeks of soaking with Dead Sea salts for 20 minutes daily.

And in another study, volunteers with dry skin placed one arm in a bath containing 5% Dead Sea salt for fifteen minutes, with the other arm in plain tap water. The Dead Sea salts significantly improved skin hydration.

The soak moisturized the subjects’ skin, reduced roughness and redness, and inflammation. The researchers asserted that “the favorable effects of bathing in the Dead Sea salt solution are most likely related to the high magnesium content.” 

Scoop Up the Soap Opera Company’s Bath Salts Today

If you are enjoying your Soap Opera Company Bath Salts, we’d love to hear about your experiences! You can also review the Soap Opera Company Bath Salts online. Our customers love scooping their bath salts in the store, and you also have the option to order yours now, from the comfort of your home.

The Soap Opera Company is proud and pleased to make our soothing bath salt mix in-house. To moisturize and beautify your skin, we recommend bathing with bath salts three or four times weekly.




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