Spring Fever at The Soap Opera Company!

Spring Fever at The Soap Opera Company!

Ah, joy! Let’s celebrate it! Because, whew, finally….

The season of long underwear, ice scrapers and shovels is behind us.

Oh, yes, those sweet daffodils and the bluebells are popping up. And the buds are on the trees.  

Time for April showers (and baths)!

Never Mind the Candy. Fill Your Easter Baskets With Bath Time Treats

We have lots of great gifts for every Easter basket, for any age. And they won't give you cavities. 

So, do you have a friend — or a sweet and lovely family member — who’d just love you to make up an Easter basket with Via Mercato Spring Flowers shea butter soaps tucked in to it?

Because the Primavera set is really the perfect gift for Spring, with its jasmine, rose and iris bouquet, and other essences of this season of fresh, green grass and new beginnings.

Oh! Did We Mention the Bunnies?

Yes, we have them: incredibly cute bunny soaps. Hop on over in April to experience Peeps® in the Village and stop by our store! We have actual peeps soaps (in store only)!

Or order the bunny soaps online. Great for making up a charming gift basket to celebrate the season. Our little pastel soap dishes are perfect for extra touches, and can make soaps last longer.

If the baskets are for kids, you might like to pop in some fun bath time crayons, which easily wipe off bath surfaces. You might even toss in a rubber duck! Make bath time the most wonderful time of the day!

Bath Bombs in an Egg Carton?

How festive! Order a selection of bath bombs in an egg carton. And let the fizzy fun begin.

Any lucky recipient of your gift of bath bombs will love getting in the tub to experience the effervescence, the scent, and the delightful, skin-softening effects. Because our refreshing and aromatic bath bombs are designed to feel as fresh as a spring day. Full of fruity, herbal, and fresh floral essences.

We’re Ready to Hop to Your Order

Ask us to put together a delightful mix of bath bombs, with scents and designs to suit the season.

Would you rather customize your box? Super! Tell us which bath bombs you’d like and how many of each in an order note.

Easy and Fun Basket-Stuffers: Shower Steamers

Another great gifting option: shower steamers. May we suggest a bright purple lavender with sandalwood and bergamot? That’s Unwind. To complement it, how about a deep, citrus peel hue, with basil and peppermint? That’s Refresh. A wonderful spring pairing, and both are in stock now.

Each six steamers head to your door for the price of five, so just tell us your selection. They’ll arrive all bright and cheerful and nicely wrapped in foil. Great to hide in an Easter basket with a steamer pouch.

Our greatest pleasure is to bring soothing, elegant, and fun products into your life, and the lives of those you love. Let us know if you have any questions about The Soap Opera Company or our products. Meanwhile, may the season’s beauty fill your heart and may your basket overflow with joy this season.

Jennifer Nelson

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