Steaming Hot Holidays!

Steaming Hot Holidays!

The Soap Opera Company is ready with holiday gifts, and they are hot! Get them now, because – as a local business – we stock limited supplies. When these are gone, not even the elves can get more until next year!

While it’s always the thought that counts with any gift, a gift from the Soap Opera Company of Bucks County, Pennsylvania offers so much more. We design or select every item to support your special recipient’s well-being.

 In the case of shower steamers, we envision them filling your friends’ and relatives’ homes, and your own home, with beautiful, therapeutic essences. And we can’t wait for you to try them.


The Shower Steamers Are Here! (What Are the Shower Steamers?)

If you know what they are, you’re probably already in the store or here to buy these wonderful items with us online. If you don’t know what they are, well…what if you wish you could enjoy our best-selling bath bombs, but you’re just not really into baths? Or maybe the person you’re picking out a gift for isn’t a bath person.

Some people find a shower easier. Or they’re simply in the shower habit, and like it. Now, the shower taker can enjoy the fun and beauty of bath bombs – because shower steamers are based on the same principle as bath bombs.

That’s right. These are bath bombs for shower people.

Shower steamers contain baking soda and citric acid – so they react, as bath bombs do, when they encounter a light spritz of water or the humidity of a shower.

Go ahead, try one. Close the bathroom door, start the shower, and let it work up some steam. Place a steamer on the tile floor of your shower, or at the end of the tub floor.

Alternatively, hang the shower steamer in one of our nylon shower steamer pouches. These make your steamers last longer.

Ah the aroma! And ours are artisan-made, with the highest quality ingredients.

You should find that one steamer lasts for a minimum of one long shower. Depending on a few factors such as shower length, they can last up to three showers.

 We Have Two Steamer Scents for the Festive Season.

One is Mocha Mint – Espresso, Chocolate, and Peppermint. How’s that for an experience to wake up to in the morning?

The other is North Pole – Peppermint Sticks, Vanilla Cream, and Sugar Cubes. Like Mocha mint, our North Pole steamers will infuse your shower with the bracing essence of mint.

Menthol, the active ingredient in peppermint oil, has long been a go-to ingredient for clearing the sinus passages and alleviating pressure in the head. So, it’s no coincidence that peppermint is so popular around the wintry season.

You can get these brightly wrapped holiday steamers now. As expected, they’re already proving super popular.

 Let’s Carry Shower Steamers Year-Round!

It’s decided. The Soap Opera Company is going to shower the aromatherapy love on you all year.

Here’s what we’ve got in mind – and in stock.

 Just Breathe. Enjoy a shower infused with eucalyptus. Clear your breathing passages, reinvigorate tired muscles, and give your home a breath of fresh air.

 Refresh. Get to know the essence of citrus peel, basil & peppermint.  It will wake you up and get you ready for an emergized day.

 Unwind. Lavender is an aromatherapy go-to, and for good reason. Feel the spa mood as you relax in a cloud of this calming essence.  

 By Popular Demand: Holiday Glycerine Soaps Are Back. 

Our playfully designed soaps are perfect for entertaining or gifting.

We have a fun assortment of delightful, hand-sliced, vegetable-based glycerine soaps for the winter holidays. Translucent and bright, they appeal to everyone.

Think  Wonderland, waiting to fill your or the kids’ bath time with the classic pine and jasmine aromas. Also back for the season are the Christmas Tree Fields soaps, and, of course, our irresistible Candy Cane soaps.

 Browse all of our fun winter gifts online. Find spirited candles, festive body care, and plenty of holiday soaps. Whether you’re giving these to special people or treating yourself, we think you’re going to love what we have in stock this time of year.

Photo: Rob Sarmiento, via Unsplash.


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