Archipelago Marine Body Lotion (18oz)

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Archipelago Marine Lotion is formulated with gentle blue algae and blue sea kale, jojoba esters, and other marine and plant-based ingredients to provide needed antioxidants to keep skin looking young and healthy.

Apply liberally after shower or bath, and reapply as needed during the day to seal in your body's own moisture.

The fragrance includes notes of Green Mandarin, Coastal Jasmine, Driftwood, Tonka Bean, and Azonic Musk.

Paraben and sulfate free.

Convenient pump bottle.

Made in USA.

18 fl oz., 532ml.

NATURAL FORMULATION: Our natural body lotion formulation is PARABEN FREE and contains dried milk solids, natural soy proteins, amino acids, lipids and other natural extracts.

NON-GREASY YET HYDRATING: Archipelago moisturizers contain Jojoba Esters which allow them to go on smoothly with no greasy residue, resulting in hydrated, smooth skin.

FRESH SCENT: Our wildy popular "Soy Milk" scented body lotion has notes of fresh milk, soy beans, rice and a touch of vanilla.

SKIN SOFTENING: Dried milk solids are rich in fat and lactic acid, both help soften and hydrate skin.

OXYGENATING: Aloe Vera - a main ingredient in our Milk Lotion - has remarkable healing properties that draw and hold oxygen to the skin.

REGENERATING: Vitamin E found in soy lipids helps regenerate damaged skin tissues.

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