Archipelago Travel Tin Candle - Eucalyptus

$18.00 $16.50

Traveling can be stressful. Why not bring a rejuvenating and powerfully stimulating candle with you wherever you go? We created the perfect traveling companion to bring with you on your travels. This Eucalyptus Tin Candle is small but mighty. It will fill any space with the refreshing and powerfully stimulating combination of Eucalyptus Leaf, Siberian Fir Needles, Pink Grapefruit, Green Apples, and Rose Petals each time you light it.

For best results: trim wick to ¼ of an inch before each use.

Measure: Approx 3” in diameter

Net Contents: 6 oz. / 170 gm

Approx Burn Time: 55 hours

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