FarmHouse Fresh Illumination Fruit Brightening Fruit Acid Peel


FarmHouse Fresh Illumination Fruit Brightening Fruit Acid Peel is a 17% pro-strength fruit acid peel mask that resurfaces, refines, and brightens skin tone.

This fruity cocktail of Lactic, Mandelic, Citric, and Malic acids is vibrance in a jar! It's fairly strong, so it'll "stingle," but it'll also get great results. All of the acids and fruit ferments from natural sources exfoliate and clarify skin with ease.

3 oz. Glass Jar | Not Gluten-Free | Not Vegan | Paraben-Free | Nut-Free

Its great for all skin types except for acne-prone or sensitive skin. Otherwise, anyone looking for a gorgeous-smelling, exfoliating face mask will adore it!

Recommended Use

Use at night. Apply an even layer on your face and neck. Leave it on for one to three minutes, then rinse off with water. Your skin will feel tingly and warm for several hours afterward. You may follow it with a soothing, nourishing moisturizer to reduce the tingling. We recommend using this mask no more than two to three times per week.

As you get more comfortable with the mask, you may leave the mask on a little longer for each session.

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