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Are these bath bombs the best you’ve ever experienced? That’s how our customers describe them. Each one is individually handmade. And with 18 scents, there’s something here to match every relaxation need and preference.

Delightfully fizzy, relaxing and refreshing, including ingredients that moisturize and lightly scent your skin, our bath bombs leave you with an invisible, subtle fragrance. You might find you don’t need a moisturizer after bathing.

The Soap Opera Company’s U.S.-made bath bombs are fully degradable. They won’t leave petals, stains, tints, residues or rings in your tub. They’re safe and fun for hot tubs, too.


Please note: Since everyone isn't blessed with soft water, bath bombs tend to melt as opposed to fizz in hard water.

Bath Bombs Chart 

Appily Ever After Orange, Apple, Rose, Bergamot & Neroli Apple Green and White with Red Speckles
Cake Batter Almond Butter Cream, French Vanilla Pink and White
Carnival Treat Candied Pomegranate Citrus Dark Pink
Chill Out Lavender and Chamomile
Light Purple with Dark Purple Specks
Congo Bongo Cocoa Butter and Sea Salt Light Blue with Dark Blue Splotch
Coco-Nutty Coconut and Citrus Blue and White
Flirt Eucalyptus and Spearmint Pink and  Blue Swirl
Flower Power Peonies and Lavender Light Pink with Dark Pink Specks
Fruit Loop Apple Pear Strawberry Bright Orange
Love Spell
Oranges, Peaches, Berries
Bright Pink & Orange
Lucky Me Sandalwood and Currant Pink with Purple Specks
Green Giant Bamboo and Citrus Dark Bluish Green
Hugs & Kisses


Japanese Cherry Blossom

Red and White
In Your Dreams Gingered Bergamot Sage Green
Mango Mojito Mango, Papaya & Mint Leaf Bright Pink & Orange
Rain Ocean Mist Green and Blue
Relax Rosemary and Lavender Light Green with Blue Specks
Sweet Blossoms Honeysuckle & Toffee Yellow & Green

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