Who doesn't love a bath? Bath bombs and bath salts and body washes turn your bath into an ultra-relaxing experience.

Bath bomb on rolled towel, candle and bowl of bath salts
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The Soap Opera Company Bath Bomb - Six Pack
The Soap Opera Company - Bath Bomb
The Soap Opera Company - Bath Salt
The Soap Opera Company - Bath Bubblers (6oz)
The Soap Opera Company - Milk Jug Bubble Bath (32oz)
Archipelago Milk Body Wash (32 oz)
Mistral Cedarwood Marine (8.8oz)
Small Loofah Glycerin Soaps
Wool Sea Sponges (5-6")
Archipelago Morning Mint Body Wash 32oz
Dresdner Essence Bath Oils (60gm)
Pré de Provence Sea Salt Soap on a Rope (7oz/200g)
Heartland Fragrance -  Loofah Glycerin Soaps (5oz)
Archipelago Charcoal Rose Body Wash (32oz)
Archipelago Black Honey Body Wash (32oz)
6" Loofah
6" Loofah
Bath Lover Gift Set:  Soften and Renew
Pré de Provence Bergamot & Thyme Soap on a Rope (7oz/200g)
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