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Shop this collection for unscented oatmeal soaps for sensitive skin, pine-scented soaps, goats' milk-based soaps, and exfoliating soaps...to name just a few.

Block marbled soaps on a towel
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Mistral Bourbon Vanilla (8.8oz)
Mistral Cedarwood Marine (8.8oz)
Mistral Black Amber (8.8oz)
Shore Soap Co - Tea Tree & Charcoal Face Bar 5.4oz/159ml
SallyeAnder Almond Goat Milk Block Soap (5oz)
Naked Bee - Oatmeal & Honey Soap (5.2oz)
SallyeAnder Lavender Oat Swirl Block Soap (5oz)
Farmhouse Fresh Coconut Cream Shea Butter Soap (5.2 oz/ 147.4 gm)
SallyeAnder Oatmeal Block Soap (5oz)
SallyeAnder Milk n Mint Block Soap (5oz)
SallyeAnder Eucalyptus Block Soap (5oz)
Mistral Papiers Fantaisie Wrapped Soap (100gm)
SallyeAnder Hogwash Block Soap (5oz)
Shore Soap Co - Unscented Face Bar 5.4oz/159ml
Club Classic Pine Scented Soap
Mistral Salted Gin (8.8oz)
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