Archipelago Oat Milk Hand Crème


A blend of Wild Oats, White Tea, and Vetiver

Archipelago Botanicals' Oat Milk Hand Crème is perfect for dry or chapped hands! Gentle Oat Proteins are mixed with Aloe, resulting in one of the best moisturizing formulations on the market. Archipelago Botanicals' hand cream is blended with Dried Milk Solids to keep hands looking and feeling soft and subtle. Natural Jojoba Esters and other premium ingredients are added to create a cream that goes on smoothly without leaving a greasy feel. The final result is a distinctive cream that you will love the first time it's applied. Archipelago Botanicals' irresistibly scented hand treatment is highly recommended as part of your daily skincare routine for beautiful and soft hands.

3.2 oz

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