Botanico de Havana Body Lotion


At Archipelago Botanicals our passion lies in creating products that help you experience ultimate relaxation & rejuvenation - and this benefit-rich Archipelago Body Lotion is no exception, boasting ingredients straight from the islands such as coffee, jojoba and orange oils and botanical extracts of sugar cane & pineapple.

The antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids found in these natural ingredients ensure this AHA body lotion effectively moisturizes and reduces redness associated with dry, rough skin.

Based on our bestselling home fragrance blend of Ylang Ylang, Tobacco Flower and Bergamot, our Havana-scented body lotion has a clean, citrus finish and its sophisticated fragrance makes this a favorite body lotion for men and women alike. Jojoba esters, found in the formulation of all of our best moisturizing lotions, keep skin highly hydrated with no greasy residue. Use daily for beautiful, soft and healthy skin.

Size: 15.3 fl oz/ 453 ml

NATURAL FORMULATION: Havana Body Lotion contains natural extracts, natural anti-aging agents and is PARABEN FREE.

ANTIOXIDANT RICH: Antioxidants found in orange oil and pineapple extract, such as Vitamin E, protect your skin from age-causing free radicals and also improve its smoothness.

LUXURY, UNISEX FRAGRANCE: scented essential oils are great for men and women.

BENEFIT-RICH INGREDIENTS Caffeine found in coffee extract - one of the main ingredients of this scented skin lotion – minimizes redness and puffiness. Sugar cane extract, rich in AHAs, acts as a natural exfoliator and reduces red, blotchy skin. Jojoba Esters allow Archipelago body lotions to go on smoothly with no greasy residue. Aloe Vera - a main ingredient in Archipelago Body lotions - has remarkable healing properties that draw and hold oxygen to your skin.

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