Heartland Fragrance - Loofah Glycerin Soap


Exfoliation is a must for healthy, beautiful skin.  Each of these 100% vegetable-based glycerin soaps has a loofah embedded in it. 

Made in small batches, with sustainable palm oil, each bar is hand sliced and given extra care!

Beachside: Subtle notes of mandarin, jasmine, and sea salt

Bourbon Vanilla: Earthy but not too heavy, this dark scent features notes of sandalwood, cedar, Madagascar vanilla and musk, balanced by a hint of uplifting lemon

Charcoal: Fragrance-free

Spa Fresh: Cool and sporty marine notes

Blood Orange: Sheer floral notes join forces with a citrus kick and mellow Italian bergamot

Oatmeal Honey: Calming notes of sweet almond accented with the warmth of vanilla and cream

Mighty Good Man: An enticingly warm, earthy sandalwood treat, spiced with amber and woodsy accents of fresh green herbs

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