Treat her to a day of relaxation!  She will surely love to receive a massage using our natural and therapeutic Massage & Muscle lotion.  Enhance her relaxing experience while burning one of our handmade, pure soy candles.

Make sure you select your candle scent!

Rain: :  A wonderfully light scent with fresh modern tones of clear blue water and the lush blooms of jasmine and geranium with a dry down of rich woods and amber. 

Blackberry Magnolia:  Ripe blackberries mingle with notes of apple, magnolia, melon and sugar crystals.

Creamy Coconut: This is one of our favorite scents because the coconut notes don't smell like suntan lotion! Just a true, clean coconut scent. One word: AMAZING. 

Lavender Sunset:  Sweet lavender fields and wildflower honey, with a subtle sandalwood background.  It is sure to please sophisticated taste! 

Vanilla Oak:  Reminiscent of a classic, sophisticated vanilla liqueur with undertones of rich, earthy oak. Fascinating and powerful, it's a mesmerizing and provocative scent with a unisex appeal! 


Candles are 8oz and Massage Lotion is 4oz.




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