Begin your daily beauty routine with a gentle, foaming cleanser from one of Archipelago Botanicals' best selling aromatherapy bath and body collections. Archipelago Milk Moisturizing Body Wash contains dried milk solids and soy, oat and rice proteins which gently cleanse and exfoliate - and wash away clean and clear for smooth, soft and hydrated skin.

The moisturizing formulation of this natural body wash is highly recommended for dry skin. With all of the inherent benefits of its natural ingredients and its irresistibly fresh scent, it is no wonder Archipelago's Milk Body Wash is consistently recognized as one of the best moisturizing body washes for men and women alike.


NATURAL FORMULATION: Dried milk solids, natural oat, soy and rice proteins, and other natural extracts, combine to make soft, gentle, nourishing, and healthy skin care.

FRESH SCENT: Our wildey popular "Milk" scented body wash has notes of oats, soy, rice, fresh milk & tea with touches of coconut & vanilla.

SKIN SOFTENING: Dried milk solids are rich in fat and lactic acid; both help soften and hydrate skin.

OXYGENATING: Aloe Vera - has remarkable healing properties that draw and hold oxygen to the skin.

SOOTHING: Gentle oatmeal and oat proteins soothe irritated or damaged skin and help nourish the skin.

REGENERATING: Vitamin E found in soy lipids helps regenerate damaged skin tissues.

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